Anthony "Amp" Elmore pays visit with  Kenya Minister tourism Najib Balala at his office in Kenya  2005
Anthony "Amp" Elmore is greeted at Kenya airport by his long time Kenya friend Tom Mwangi
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The Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta is a young man of our  modern  generation. Both he and President Barack Obama were born in 1961.  We who grew up during the Black revolutionary days in the lates 60's and early 70's embraced his father "Jomo Kenyatta" as a hero in the movement.  We African Americans who fought in the struggle are connected with Uhuru Kenyatta as family.  We all know people in America who looks like the Kenya President. The name "Kenyatta" is in our hearts.  The name Kenyatta is already close to our hearts. We believe with our heart and soul that Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta will embrace the Safari Initiative.  African Americans spend 44 billion a year on travel and we travel in groups to culture events more than any ethnic group in America. Family reunion is the number one travel reason for African Americans.  The African American GDP is 1.1 trillion. It makes good sense to promote African American travel. We present a plan for Kenya.  We are now just posting this website and we hope and pray that Kenya President Kenyatta will meet with us and embrace the "Safari Initiative." In the above picture is Najib Balala who is a cabinet member.  Najib Balala came to Memphis at our invitataion to be a part of the Memhis African in April celebraton in 2004.  We believe that President Kenyatta will embrace the "Safari Initiative." 
Anthony "Amp" Elmore in Kenya May of 2013 with Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero who supports the "Safari Initiative." He is the son in law of Tom Mboya.
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